Who are we?

Seven Layer Studios started out as a small group of graduates from Champlain College in May of 2014. We want to build a company that will develop the games that we would play while simultaneously being a positive influence in the gaming industry and the gaming community. We started with no money, having just accrued for years of college debt and have paid for our studio out of pocket since its inception with day jobs outside of the game industry ever since, hoping that one day our games could be our primary source of income.

We want our games and our actions to be authentic and expressive of what we would want as gamers. Fair game prices, marketing tactics that don’t take advantage of players, high levels of community interaction. We like to operate with a mantra of

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it”—Simon Sinek.

We really believe that and we want to be worth buying. 

Seven quotes we live by at Seven Layer Studios

Seven quotes we live by at Seven Layer Studios