Pizza! Fast!


Pizza! Fast! gameplay is just like making real pizzas:

  1. Get order
  2. Stretch dough
  3. Place requested toppings (sauce and cheese first)
  4. Bake in the oven
  5. Send to customer

Not too complicated. But when you've got 200 toppings, 200 orders and barely 2 seconds to spare, things get challenging.

Each cook has their own special techniques; find your favorite and cook as fast as you can!


  • Free to Play
  • Fast paced Pizza creation
  • More than 150 ridiculous toppings
  • 11 unique characters to unlock 
  • Leader boards for each character
  • Facebook integration to share designs
  • Optional ads. Only if you want them. 


Pizza! Fast! was developed from Pizza Underground; a conceptualized game about running an illegal pizza shop empire in a city where pizza is outlawed.

We ran into difficulties with the two very different, primary game mechanics: making pizzas, and delivering pizzas. The design drew from the experience our designer Phil had while working at a local pizza shop during the building process.

The more we prototyped the project, the more we enjoyed making pizzas over delivering them.  We also realized that our small team did not have the resources to create the large games we dreamed up (and pay rent).

Eventually, after having advertised our game as Pizza Underground for a couple of months, we threw out all of our work on managing drivers and the loose narrative we were hoping to include so that we could work on just making pizzas.

This is what we've been working on for about four and a half months. There are plenty of other games about "making foods" but we feel like we have done a particularly good job on making ours both fun and functional, where most other games of this type fail.